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M/L Navy WE02555


An exceptionally economical and rugged performance backpack. The Outbreak is tuned for institutional use. The hard-wearing, easily-cleaned, synthetic fabrics used on both the bag and harness components minimise cleaning and maintenance work. This pack incorporates all the essential and proven design features, strength and comfort of the canvas Breakout model. Strong, dual-back-length settings on all bags provide valuable flexibility in correctly fitting a group of youths. The engineered, anatomically-excellent Perfect-FIT harness system folds away for easy storage. Even ignoring its design heritage, build-quality alone would be a reason to choose this product for outdoor education backpack fleets.

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  • Features+

    • Single-compartment bag with a wide, high-cut, easy-to load top opening and smooth-running drawcord
    • Designed for highest durability and easy maintenance
    • Two external pockets: top and back
    • Colour coded handles designate size
  • Specifications+

    • Additional Information+

      The OUTBREAK is a rugged, simple pack for schools, outdoor clubs, youth organisations and hire equipment pools. It is specifically designed for reliability, minimum maintenance, and therefore the benefit of lifetime economy. The Outbreak model is a development directly from the Breakout model, a pack now in its second decade of continuous use with outdoor education units. The Outbreak differs from the Breakout in two respects only. The first is the choice of fabric used for the bag and harnesses, the other is the hip harness type. These are described in detail below.

      But first, here is a run-down of the features built into the pack. By cutting the bag rim higher than usual and finishing it with a simple, strong, eyelet-free drawcord system we have avoided the durability problems typical of lightweight throats. The generously sized top cover provides effective protection to the big, easy-access pack throat. The cover has an external top pocket, convenient for a camera and first-aid kit. The simple pocket on the back of the pack bag is easy to use and highly weatherproof. For users who wish to add shock cord lacing over the back panel of the pack bag there are webbing attachment loops in the side seams. All female side release buckles are mounted using a patent-applied-for webbing device. Should a buckle become cracked it can be replaced in seconds without the need to touch stitching. Further, we have chosen to use "vee" style buckles. They are less prone to damage in far easier to align.

      The Outbreak is available in three combination back sizes: XS/S, S/M and M/L. Each of the three pack bag sizes is fitted with a choice of two distinct back length settings (as well as the usual facility to extend or retract the shoulder harness). This unique feature on many WE pack models gives all these packs greater flexibility to be correctly fitted to any given group of people.

      The shoulder and hip harnesses are described in detail on a separate page. Follow the link above. We use our Perfect-FIT hip harness for this model. This harness is almost identical to the highly acclaimed Perfect-FIT hip harness, predecessor to the Synchro-FORM system. The Perfect-FIT one piece hip harness is strongly mounted on the pack bag, screwing directly into the bottom ends of the frame bars. Rubbed fabric at frame ends and torn stitching at stress points are durability problems eliminated by this system. Another simple but highly effective design feature is the thin layer of closed-cell foam incorporated into the base of the pack bag. This firm padding virtually eliminates fabric abrasion damage further reducing maintenance headaches.

      The fabric used for the Outbreak pack bag and for all parts of the harness is a high quality, hard-wearing 1000 denier nylon with a multi-layer PU coating. The bulked yarn structure (bulked, disarranged and tangled filaments) and fabric weave construction are identical to well known, highly-abrasion-resistant backpack fabrics such as Cordura® nylon. If you require a Perfect-FIT hip harness with a longer or shorter reach than the standard medium one fitted, size Small and Large parts are available. Interchanging hip harnesses involves just the removal and re-fixing of two screws.

      Our universal side pockets, supplied in pairs, can be mounted on the Outbreak side compression straps if you really need added capacity.

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