Every stitch tells our story

Our gear is designed to last!

Sleeping under the stars, map and compass navigation, the fine art of a well-pitched tent. These things we hold dear. Not a paint by numbers, paying client, pack mule approach, but rather a quiet confidence in ourselves, moving through the wilderness under our own steam, choosing our own direction, leaving nothing but footprints in passing.

We believe in being comfortable in the outdoors using gear that has become familiar through many nights out and countless miles. Not buying anything we can make ourselves, and caring for the things we must buy...

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A piece of history

From small beginnings to now, how far WE have come

The story of WE's beginnings has much in common with those of many worldwide outdoor brands. The ingredients were frequently the same - young people, little money, a passion for what we then called 'rope and rucksack' pursuits, a critical eye for design and quality and an incurable need to be making things. What is interesting is that for WE it all came together in the south-western corner of the flattest and driest inhabited continent on earth, some would say, the farthest outpost of western civilisation.

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Ownership not Consumption

Doing our part to create a sustainable future

Since 1977 outdoorspeople have been taking ownership of WE products, and some of the finest products we made are still in use today. We design gear to be loved, cared for and celebrated. We promise to teach you how to use and care for your WE gear.

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