Behind WEOur Mission

Every stitch tells our story
Our gear is designed to last!

Sleeping under the stars, map and compass navigation, the fine art of a well-pitched tent. These are the things we hold dear.

Not a paint by numbers, paying client, pack mule approach, but rather a quiet confidence in ourselves, moving through the wilderness under our own steam, choosing our own direction, leaving nothing but footprints in passing.

We believe in being comfortable in the outdoors, using gear that has become familiar through many nights out and countless miles. Not buying anything we can make ourselves, and caring for the things we must buy.

We all leave an unavoidable environmental footprint, in this we have no choice. It’s up to us to decide how big our footprint is going to be, because in this we can make a difference.

As a brand, we make products from non-renewable resources. Understanding this, and respecting these resources, we make deliberate choices for quality instead of margin, longevity instead turnover. Our tents and packs are built up to the limits of what is possible using modern lightweight materials, to keep you comfortable in the wilderness, for as many years as possible.

Since 1977 outdoorspeople have been taking ownership of Wilderness Equipment products, and some of the first products we made are still in use today. 

We don’t design gear to be consumed and tossed away. We design gear to help you get in and out of wild places safely, to become a part of your stories, to be loved, cared for and celebrated.

If you, as an outdoorsperson, choose to take ownership of a Wilderness Equipment product instead of buying a competitor’s - it’s a win. A win for you, a win for the environment, and yes, a win for us too.

In making this choice we will support you. We promise to teach you how to use and care for your gear, and promise that if you look after it, it’ll look after you for as long as it possibly can.

Join us.

Walk lightly on the earth. Backcountry not side country. Bivvies not huts. Ownership, not consumption.