Behind WEOur Design Process

Endless testing and refinement.

Products for life, not just for a reason

By the time our products hit the market, you can be assured we've tested and refined it many, many times so you have something strong and useful to take straight out on your next adventure.

Step One

The Idea

All WE products start with a lightbulb moment - often out in the field and the desire for a certain piece of equipment hits us. The new wisdom gained by a severe storm, an unexpected ache; or simply the product of the clarity of mind found away from modern distractions, deep in the wilderness.

Step Two

The Concept

Sketch it up. Use a stick in the sand or scratch it out on a sheet of paper. Countless discussions over many kilometres, drawing and re-drawing, pushing over into the computer, taking it to the sewing machine. Every stitch and seam counts.

Step Three

Initial Sampling

Ideas are worthless unless you get them out of your head and see what they can do! The idea begins to take shape, crudely at first. Three-dimensional fabric concepts move us closer to where we need to be.

Step Four

More Sampling

WE refine the idea, smooth the jagged edges and make it better. Something more recognisable as a piece of Wilderness Equipment begins to take shape. Should this idea be realised, or is it too wild, better shared with family and friends?

Step Five


A truly fun stage! WE throw everything at the idea. Does it work? Is it comfortable? Is this evolution a real evolution - is it better than the last one?

Step Six

Final Sampling

A label gets sewn on, the final commitment. Tweaks can still be made, but we are very close to realisation of the initial idea.

Step Seven

More Testing

More kilometres, more storms, more learning, slight refinement.

Step Eight

The Production Stage

Now WE share!

Step Nine

Testing Again

Users take ownership, the testing circle gets wider. Feedback comes in from places we have not yet reached ourselves. Good feedback is taken on board, always making its way into the next generation.

We continue walking, climbing, riding, paddling; and eventually…

Step Ten

Begin Again

A creative cycle that never ends - because we are constantly thinking of ideas to make our adventures more awesome! Technology changes, needs adjust, new corners of the world are explored - they all lead to more ideas and we begin the process all over again.