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Gulf Coast WE00095


A child carrier with no limitations. Recently updated to include extra built-in pockets with more capacity, more convenient child compartment adjustments, simpler use when the sun hood fitted, and the premium Synchro-FORM Comfort-LOAD hip harness. The 2016 WE WildChild is, once again, your best choice for taking kids out on multi-day bush walks. Of course, it also works brilliantly around town. In a car boot or baggage system, the WildChild's hinged frame system reduces the carrier's bulk. The Synchro-FORM Comfort-Load hip harness system with soft, textured face fabric provides superb, expedition-standard comfort. The Wildchild is fitted with a special version of our unique dual-back-length system, spaced at one-and-a-half standard back-length increments. The one pack can quickly be adapted to properly fit a wide range of torso lengths meaning Mum or Dad can comfortably share the use. There is no set upper age limit for your young passenger. This pack will bear the weight as long as you also can. Options for the WildChild include a detachable sun hood, a rain cover, and a pair of long, modular side pockets - indispensable extra volume for multi-day trips.

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  • Features+

    • All purpose, modular child carrier for both back-country and suburban use
    • Fold flat frame design for easy stowage in vehicles
    • Fully adjustable seat and padded child restraint harness
    • Optional rain cover available
    • Two built-in combination back length choices: SM and L providing an excellent fit on a wide range of wearer back lengths
    • Suitable for children up to any weight you can carry
  • Specifications+

    • Additional Information+

      This is the pack for the bushwalking couple or outdoors enthusiast who finds that the advent of a first child into the home places what appears to be an unavoidable limitation to past backpacking freedoms. Been there. Done that. Here is part of the solution.

      The WildChild addresses the many shortcomings and compromises we see in other child carriers. The pack harness is not an after-thought. The WildChild is fitted with the sophisticated WE Synchro-FORM harness system using comfy airmesh contact faces. You child is provided with a comfortable, adjustable-height seat and upper-body restraint harness. The spacious lower compartment will hold all the extras you need for a day outing. A mesh back pocket with shockcord over-lacing provide quick for stowage of items needed close at hand and drying points for damp clothing. The backrest and side panels of the seat compartment are adjustable in and out (at the side straps) so different size kids and a range of clothing layers are easily accommodated. The comfortable mesh seat with padded edges has a long height adjustment range. Carry your child in the raised position so they have a good view of the surroundings or lower them down if they need head support or are sleeping. The top edge of the pack harness panel is fitted with a removable, easily cleaned, padded cover.

      The WildChild does not free-stand, and for several very good reasons. Many carriers on the market have extensive, folding, external tubular frames that allow the carrier to be stood up when it is placed down on the ground. For such a system to be stable and safe, the frame must have a very wide footprint. Such designs are a severe handicap when backpacking and are unnecessarily bulky and difficult to pack in a vehicle. Even the internal tubular 'Z' frame used on many baby carriers is an awkward nuisance in the car (and certainly not stable enough to free-stand). The WildChild solution is a simple, streamlined and lightweight design using the same tough aluminium section of our backpack harness panels. When your WildChild pack is empty it can be collapsed to minimum profile. For loading and unloading your child there is a simple foot strap loop. Stand on it! This keeps the pack upright on the ground when loading and makes sure the pack stays behind when you lift your child out. Two lift handles are provided on the top of the pack so it will remain balanced when lifted up ready to fit on your back. If your child falls asleep and you wish to put the pack down, it is a simple matter to just lay this streamlined pack down on the ground so your child can continue to sleep in a comfortable, safe, horizontal position.

      Although a big umbrella is a very useful accessory when backpacking with your child on sunny or rainy days, we offer a range of purpose-built add-ons for the WildChild. Please look at the options in the section below. If you are planning to go bush for a few days you will find these accessories indispensable.

      The WildChild backpack can give you the freedom to go bush and feed the wilderness in your child before the inescapable and crushing influence of modern electronics and suburban life take a hold. One of our light-weight Overhang tarps makes an excellent alternative to a full-blown tent. Taking our children bush from an early age on overnight and multi-day walks was a great source of pleasure and satisfaction. Summer beach walks are a good place to start. We began around the three month mark. How long can you keep doing it? Until you can't carry the load anymore (by which time they should be carrying a small daypack with their own clothing).

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