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Dart Yunan FC 3-Pole Set



This Yunan Air Hercules floating-connector type pole set was supplied with Wilderness Equipment Dart and Dart Winter tents. This set consists of three silver-coloured poles of 8.88mm outside diameter. Two of the poles are 325cm long, made up nine sections. Of these nice sections there are two end sections, 220mm long; and seven mid sections, 400mm long. Of the seven mid sections, the middle three have a 5mm pre-bend, the rest are straight. The final pole is 248cm long, made up of seven sections, with a 180mm pre-bend along the length of the pole. This pole has five 400mm mid-sections, with a 235mm section at each end. This three-pole set is compatible with Wilderness Equipment Dart and Dart Winter tents of every generation, and, being a legacy part will only continue to be available while stock lasts.

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