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How to apply Silicone Lubricant to Zip Sliders

Zips need to be kept clean and well lubricated if they are going to function at their best. This short videos explains how to apply Silicone Lubricant to Zip Sliders, to ensure they run quickly and smoothly.

Tools Required:
  • Silicone Lubricant (Selley's Easy Glide, or similar)


1. Ensure zip is free from dirt, salt and debris, and is completely clean and dry. 

2. Spray silicone lubricant onto zip using application nozzle. Don’t worry if you get silicone on the fabric around the zip, it will not cause any damage.

3. Run the zip to check for smooth operation, apply more silicone lubricant if required. 

Note: it is always best to maintain the best practice of washing and drying all equipment when you return from a trip, before putting it away into storage.